May 25, 2011

Brutal Fruit Dimes in Cape Town!

St. Yves Camps Bay will be on smash on May 26th as we bring you DIMES hosted by South Africa’s ‘It’ Girl, Bonang, in association with Brutal Fruit

DIMES invades Cape Town for the first time ever and we are celebrating with the Dime of all Dimes, Miss Bonang Matheba, South Africa’s ‘It’ Girl – a model, media personality, TV& radio host and reality TV star.

A DIME is a sexy, sassy, confident go getter, the type of woman that every man dreams of.
From her beauty, her sense of style, her confidence, her humility and the manner in which she carries herself. A DIME is a lady with swagger, a woman who commands respect and shows it.

Every month we celebrate DIMES in a different city , Cape up next and we hope ur ready!
Are you a DIME? You are, then join us as we celebrate ...YOU.

On the decks till the early morning will be DJs:


With the great line-up at the event and Miss Bonang as the hostess with the mostess, you can expect a night of exquisite urban glam at its best.

Brought to you by Brutal Fruit. Not to sale to persons under the age of 18


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We Ran With Them, Now Lets Club With Them- The Reps



Your social life is sorted with The Reps as they invite the Klerksdorp masses to come celebrate in style with a trip out to the latest can’t-miss mega-edition of ‘Clubbing With The Reps’. On April 30th, The Repertoires launched ‘Clubbing With The Reps’ in Durban. They are now bringing the FUN TO KLERKSDORP on May 28th!!!

Well known South African dance crew, The Repertoires will host a huge party at Goodfellas in Klerksdorp. This is the second edition of their much esteemed and treasured event ‘Clubbing With The Reps’.

With the popular TV show ‘Running With The Reps’ being so popular and gaining its position as the number one rated show on Vuzu TV (Channel 123), the members have become so popular and well-liked; one of them being TJ, who will be the host with the most at the Klerksdorp event. TJ will be accompanied by Repertoires DJs including Capital, Speedsta, Ellipsis and Fubz.
The Reps will be supported by local DJs Laza and Nyati, and you can expect superb and outstanding performances from PopCorn Playaz, TK & Rocs.

It’s official, The Reps will be in Klerksdorp to shut it down with yet another can’t-miss mega edition of ‘Clubbing With The Reps’. Doors open at 19h00 and entry cost R30 before 21h00 and R40 thereafter. Now tell Klerksdorp to prepare themselves!


May 18, 2011

Cazal Sunglasses

When i grow up i wanna buy myself a old-skool pair Cazal shades!! :-(

Voting: Reason says politicians are Selfish

If you are in South Africa today you'll know that the Municipal Election are taking place today the 18th of May.

If you are in South Africa today you'd be confused as who to vote for because everyone is fighting for your vote.

If you are in South Africa today you 'd even be considering not to go and vote today

If you are in South Africa today I'd suggest you listen to some reason by Reason and then decided what to do...

DOWNLOAD the track on
For more info on Reason check out
Twitter: @Reasonthemass

May 16, 2011

Lupe Fiasco- Words I Never Said

This is a message from your government:

Don't believe anything you hear in this song. This man is a known terrorist. Thankfully we are here to protect you and you know you can always trust us. Give a thomb down and safely move to wiz khalifa or rihanna videos. Thank you for your cooperation.

PS. Be a good sheep or we'll find you!!!


Thugnificent- Booty Butt Cheecks

Those who know the Boondocks, will know the one and only self-made rap star Thugnificent!

Alot of people have been asking where to get his hit track 'Booty Butt Cheecks'. Lucky for you i've taken it upon myself to look for it, and i found it! Download and enjoy lol


May 6, 2011

M'cKenneth Licon- Little Fashionisto

You think you know fashion? don't answer that question as yet!

I've posted a few things about and since i've been on it, i've bumped into very interesting characters and personalities but only a few were good enough to stand out, I'm talking about the lilfashionisto! M'c Kenneth Licon a guy from Vancouer has been the benchmake of fashion. Mastering different styles of dress- i mean this guy is undisputed!

In a recent interview with Lookbook he said: "Growing up, I’ve always been very artistic and I guess that translated to my choices in clothing. I have always been very particular, careful and yet still playful in combining pieces together and creating a cohesive looks one after another."

Enough talking, lets let the man speak for himself:

Now you can answer that question- Do you think you know fashion?

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Huh?? thats the firts thing you say when you see that name.. the second is- "who'd want to call himself Curtains?" You know what they say never judge a book by its cover!

Got introduced to this a guy a while back by a friend of mine and i must say i never knew Hip Hop could still sound and look so fresh and real! The night of the living dope was the first track i heard that got me hooked on this dude, hope it does the same for you. This is a bold statement, but i havent seen such a dope video by an independent dude, NEVER!!

Its CURT@!N$ not Curtains, get the name right!

Follow him on Twitter: @DopeBoyC