Oct 28, 2010

Sox- October W/Rap up

End of the month came early!!..

I just couldnt keep this all to myself, I had to share it with yall so I decided to W/Rap Up early. Forget what you heard, my Boi SOX just killed the October W/Rap Up.. Wanna know about Jay Z and Beyonce baby? or Bheki Cele's wife? LISTEN or DOWNLOAD the October W/Rap Up. Mark my words when i say this is the dopest MC to come out.. period!!

DOWNLOAD the Track: http://www.mediafire.com/?w8fd2r0jrknky38

Hide And Seek- Dungary

I don't care who you are, if you had a childhood than you'd also want this back!.
Infact i've got nothing else to say than...

Old skool dungary!!!

Signing Out:
Hide and Seek Once A Week

Lil Wayne- Free Weezy!!

I'm sure a lot of fans are going to be thrilled with this one. Young Money Owner/ Rapper Lil Wayne Weezy is soon breaking out of the shackles!.. Yes its been that long. Lil Wayne has been in prison for a young while now but that will soon end in November 4- in less than a weeks time.

Not even prison bars would stop this rapper seeing that he released a EP titled I Am Not A Human Being from the prisons cells and he still did and sold more copies than alot of people who are not confined under such restrictions.

The release of one king sees another one going in. T.I the king of the South is going back into prison for the alleged possession of weed. I mean doesn't T.I ever learn?

Anyway this is about Weezy. Lil Wayne we waiting on you to come out sounding even crazier this time. kill those bars, not the prison ones.

Free Weezy!!!!

Tetris- Is It Just A Game?

I am sure everybody has played tetris be it on a arcade machine, a cellphone, or on one of those hand held gamers. Tetris is the greatest game ever created..

I ask myself is it just a game? No. besides being entertainment when you are seriously bored, tetris teaches you things maybe not overtly. You might only see colourful blocks and different shapes, but ut all about logic and solving problems.

The Creative Nerds logo is a tetris maze showing that the Nerds saw that there was a proble- lack of creativity and that by simple logic of lifestyle entertainment they plan to solve it. Would you say tetris is just a game?

Forget your 3D graphic games, stick to old skool!.

Oct 23, 2010

Hide And Seek- Brown Dash

Ok Ok yall... you already know how this goes...

Kwaito artist from somewhere in South Africa- Brown Dash, came on the scene at the right time when kwaito needed a saviour and he redeemed it.

With mega hits with Mzekezeke; Zola; Kabelo; and more crazy artists. TS records was carrying him throughout his successes, it wasn't after he left TS records that his career just went to the dumps and he vanished from the scene without a trace.

Brown Dash we're waiting for you to come out your hiding spot and bring that original kwaito back!!

Signing Out:
Hide And Seek Once A Week

Oct 22, 2010


Creative Nerds
just reached it first milestone...

A 1000 views!!

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Oct 21, 2010

Eminem- The Setback

Here is a lil something for the fans...

If you didn'r know, Recovery did crazy numbers in terms of sales. And as a thank you Eminem has offered you his latest mixtape to jam to. Might be a bit old but its still fire flames!!

DOWNLOAD Eminem- The Setback: http://hulkshare.com/5u0ezmu32f0a

Oct 19, 2010

Mercedes Benz SLS

You were wondering why I haven't covered anything about the Mercedes Benz SLS. Its because I was waiting on the right information, and this takes the cup. The Michael Schumacher and Benz advert is the best.. There are no graphics everything is done for real! Take a look and see for yourself..

These are the pictures from the behind the scenes!

King Of Hip Hop- Biggie VS Tupac

This is by far the most controversial debate of all time... Who is the King of Hip Hop, Biggie Or Tupac?

When it comes to other genres its easy to decide who wears the King's Crown: King Of Pop- Michael Jackson; King Of Rnb- R. Kelly; King Of Rock 'n Rock- Elvis Presley and so on, but when it comes to Hip Hop some say its the kid from the West- Tupac, some go with the East- Biggie.

I listened to both of them and I came to a conclusion- Biggie is the King of Hip Hop for me!. Yes Tupac was a lyricist, he was poetic, he had a message, and he was a revolutionist through his music. But Biggie was a musician, he made music,he was artistic, had a flow, punchlines, a way with words- all the ingredients you need as a hip hop artist.

I won't lie either, Tupac killed Biggie with Hit 'em up but that doesn't take away anything from Biggie if you know Running with Tupac and Biggie. Listen to that track and tell me who came out top. Go to any Hip Hop session they hardly play Tupac but Juicy; Big poppa; sky is the limit; etc.. by Biggie is always on the playlist.

Now in comparison with Biggie, Tupac has more than 10 albums and Biggie has less than 5 albums and still they compare the two, which shows you that Biggie didn't just rhyme, he had content. I just wonder how it would be if these guys were still alive- would they have squashed the beef? would snap/crunk music be around?

So bear witness today as I Notoriously crown Biggie the official King Of Hip Hop and if you think otherwise feel free to comment as state why.

Oct 18, 2010


If you're an advent blogger of the Creative Nerds, than you would have noticed a few modifications on the page..

There's a new widget about LookBook and you might be wondering what that is all about. Well its a fashion website is basically 'run' by ordinary people. The people dictate what fashion is- its a collective of fashion conscious people.

Basically if you feeling sexy, fresh, and good-looking and you're wearing something stylish (preferably a brand) - you just take a picture of yourself and you upload it and they can become fans of ur pictures and style.

Its a fashion search engine- when you serach NIKE for instance you see how ordinary people wear Nike gear, and whats hot on the streets!! And the beauty of it is that anyone can join it.

Its a fashion site for people by the people- No photoshoots jus ordinary people!

Oh yea check out ma profile on there- Hype, Like, Fan me: www.lookbook.nu/mesuli_splash.
B warned its SUPER ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just join for just to visit go onto: http://www.lookbook.nu/

Oct 8, 2010

Hide And Seek- Ricki Lake

Ok ok yall this is serious...

I'm even surprised at myself for remembering her name, like damn woman you've been out of action for a hot minute!.
I blame it on Oprah who came and just stole her thunder. What happened to the talk show? The only thing I remember about it is that it was a cross over of talk mixed with a bit of Jerry Springer- fights would go down at any moment.

Tyra and Oprah don't have girl fights so Ricki I need you back in my TV screen wherever you are!

Signing Out
Hide And Seek Once A Week

Potable Blow-Up Furniture

Hard economic crisis demands flexibility, and that counts for furniture too! In these times, when lots of people just want to sit around comfortably in or around the house, or some other home-sweet-home destinations, what’s better than sitting in your own favourite couch?

Sofa In A Box and Blofield are currently hoppin’ onto this trend and launching a promising range of products. Blofield has a high quality, inflatable, chesterfield-looking couch which is inflated in minutes, and is portable, as is the Sofa In A Box.

Sit back and enjoy!

- Trend Hunter

Oct 7, 2010

Archbishop Desmond Tutu Celebrates 79th Birthday

The Archbishop Desmond Tutu is not getting any younger...

The Creative Nerds would like to wish the Nobel Prize Laurette who fought for a democratic and just society without racial divisions in South Africa a splendid Happy 79th Birthday!. On his birthday, as a gift to himself he has resigned from all public life and just wants to spend his old age days at home with family.

And I know that he is going to celebrate his birthday in style- like he said, he will be watching cricket and drinking alot of tea!

Happy 79th Birthday Archbishop!!

Oct 6, 2010

Converse- Pigeon Sea Star

And you thought these guys couldn't surprise you...

All you ever expected from these guys was the classical Chuck Taylor sneaker, but they are quickly breaking out from that by introducing to you new designs and new styles to the Converse range.

Take for instance this shoes, I wouldn't expect to see such a shoes from Converse, but hey they mastered it!. If there's any kick I would like to see myself in this spring it has to be this one!

Oct 4, 2010

Facebook- Status Generator

Too lazy to think of what to put up as a status update? Or just dont have the right words? Worry no more.

Facebook status update generator will help you generate all kinds of status updates, from funny to profound! The first time I tried it out it gave me "indebted to the increase in jaundiced rhomboids".

What the hek does that mean? With that status update you're bound to get alot of comments, 'Likes'? I'm not so sure.

Give it a try and stop "scratching limescale-encrusted toe jam clusters".. Yep that also came from there!

Facebook Status Update Generator: http://facebooking101.com/modules/facebook-status/

Oct 3, 2010

Tinie Tempah- Disc-Overy

I've always heard this guy's single Pass Out on the radio and saw his video. He's onto something believe me. Sit back download and enjoy his new album!

Oct 2, 2010

Hide And Seek- H2O

The sweet waters of the SA music industry were really not kind to hip-hop duo H2O. I mean they really drowned under all of that water. But much credit has to be given to them for their contribution to the SA hip-hop industry.

The duo consisting of Menzi and Sphiwe made us enjoy their rhymes offered mostly in vernac. They also gave us hit songs such as "Its wonderful". Both from Soweto, represented the hood very well.

Gents, where are you? the SA music scene is missing you. And if there is some life savers of the industry out there, these guys need you. They are choking under the H2O....

"it would be wonderful" to see their return and stay above the water this time.
Signing out Hide And Seek Once A Week
Mr. Skhokho

Welcome- October

Welcome to the month of October! Damn time flies when you stay glued to the Nerds. Well for this month we would like to phank all the peeps who come thru for the Nerds, who stay on the blog constantly, who keep us updated, who give us comments, who critque us!

What we would really appreciate is FEEDBACK from you guys, wherever you're from just let us know what you dig about the blog, what you think we should change or feature and we'll be sure to reply to you. Scroll up and click on the contacts page and get in touch with us!

But until then just keep tuned to the Nerds and enjoy the blog. Eezy!