Jul 31, 2010

July W/Rap Up- BoneZ

My boi BoneZ W/Rapping Up the month of July with some SICK flo's!!

DOWNLOAD!! http://www.mediafire.com/?7oku08f0d8456b

Jul 28, 2010

The Friend Zone

Well no offence but the only "F" word I wanna hear is 'Nigga lets F !...'.

On the real though if there no love or you ain't feeling me why should we be friends?. I mean we as guys want ONE thing and that ain't being "Besties", or a shoulder to cry on.

I feel girls should be able to take care of the Bestie department and give a man some room to breath.

So lets quit making fake friendships and lets all be booty calls, friends with benefits, or whatever you want it to be as long as its gonna be real, then Done!

Remember Real knows Real, and if you want to be just Friends join Facebook ayt? aaaayt!!

Stay Fresh, Stay Fly.. Jaz!

Is The i Phone 4 Too HOT To Handle?

Is someone trying to sabotage Apple on thier lates gadget Apple i phone 4 or they are just using some unconventional publicity stunts?..

First it caught fire and burned some guys hand. And then a prototype was leaked online. That is some cheap publicity if you ask me.

Apple usually builds anticipation for a gadget by keeping things mum. And now this.......lets just hope it does not become a flop when we get our hands on it, never mind burn our hands.

i phone 4 is a cool handset though, it has some hot ( it won't burn your hand though) features including: HD video recording and editing, moving megapixels to 5mP from 3 mp with the i phone 3GS.

it also has some real time video calling, with dual screens, you can basically look at youself while seeing the other on the other side, and what is cool about that, is that you can actually flip between the two views all in a touch of a button.

But that about sums it, no major differences from the i phone 3GS than the one mentioned above. I was expecting more from them.

Vodacom is expected to launch this fourth generation handset in South Africa sometime in August.
Written by Mr Skhokho

Jul 26, 2010

$500000 to survive END OF THE WORLD 2012

Do you have $500 large one's to ensure that you make it to see 2013?

Somewhere between Las Vegas and Los Angeles CA, is the Russian company VIVO building underground pads for 4000 of the world's elites to shelter in whilst the world enters its, the wildly predicted Apocalypse on 21 December 2012 according to dead tribe, the Mayans.

Now my question is, who the in hell is in charge of deciding that the so-called "elites" are more suitable for continuing the human race, if indeed the world is ending than the ordinary folks? Why not you or me?

Now lets think of some of the elites that the "world" should save:

*OPRAH - Really? No one is gonna need her talk show, diet plans, parenting skills (though she doesn't have a child of her own) when the people she'll be bunking with are super skinny supermodels (Naomi Campbell), millionire rockstars (Marilyn Manson) and Donald Trump and Dr Phil who will care more about their shows then hers!

*The Queen - "Off with head"

*Bill Gates - The man's already retired!
*Mariah Carey - Believe it or not.

*George Clooney -Hmmm, maybe his gene pool will work. Maybe?
*The Beckhams - no comment.
*Jim Carey - hahaahahaha! (excuse the irony.)
The list continues with the Rockefeller Clan, Oil dynasties, political leaders, Dali Lama, Elton John, the Pope, to name a few.

So peeps, you have 2 years to get yourself in the VIP list of the world if you're planning to make to 2013, if vele vele the world is ending. Or you can start getting your creative juices flowing and cook something up in your backyard!

Fratpack WHAAAT?!

Fratpack whaaat!?...

Yes you may ask 'what the hell is Fratpack?'. Well its a hip hop clique consisting of M.E (left), Mr. Calibre (right), and Hytone (not pictured). The music they make is what most people would view as "experimental", however there is reason for their "experimental ways and sound".

Fratpack aims to expose people to different kinds of music and show listeners that there's more to music than what's played on the radio. Fratpack dropped a mixtape in 2008 entitled The Far Out Mixtape which was a limited release in terms of copies pressed, but is now avialable for downloads on Creative Nerds.

The clique is currently adding finishing touches to their next mixtape Leak Season which promises to be a work of sick art, dropping in September and personally I can't wait!. For more information on Fratpack visit their blog: thefratblog.blogspot.com for any bookings contact Ofentse on 073 408 7303 or email Kabelo on mrmrcalibre@gmail.com

FRATPACK WHAAAAAAAAT!! DOWNLOAD The Far Out Mixtape:http://www.mediafire.com/?1fqhwzyvw01o885

Diggy Simmons- The First Flight

Is he as good as his dad, the legendary Rev Run?..

I had a listen to this young boy's mixtape, The First Flight, and I have to say this boy is onto something. Spitting at this rate at a young age I can imagine if we give him a few more years, Diggy will give alot of 'rappers' a run for their money!.

I'm sho the Rev is proud right now. But hey dont take my word for, Download it here and judge for yourself!

Jul 24, 2010

The ONLY Time White People Can Say NIGGER

I don't bout ya'll but I have to agree..
This is the ONLY exception to the rule, so go ahead and use the N word.. Chris ROCKS!! Pun Intended.

Android Homme

Scrap SUPRA!!!...

The anticipated sneaker for the summer,the Android Homme is set to put fear in those who are still rocking fraudulent SUPRA from all your uninformed HipHop Joints.

Seting you back at about R1700 a pair.... so they aint for a average nigger. You gotta be on a strict budget to get yourself a pair of these, however they are worth every penny.

Get yourself a pair at the Cross Trainer Additon in Sandton, and watch the broke niggers stand in shame. See you at the pay point!

Jul 22, 2010

Booty Calls

Booty calls are extremely essential we need them...
Just like Katt Williams needs haters.

The arrangement suits both parties perfectly as long as proper boundaries and limitations are set in place. i mean booty calls are like the SOS of the sex world if you get what i mean.

Nothing beats the feeling of having a number on speed dial that's gonna respond faster than the paramedics do.

And i must say they actually get better every time , and if yours disappoints feel free to trade yea in this game there are no rules so that's allowed.

so to all o` my booty calls keep answering your phones, stay fresh stay fly....

Adidas X-Ray

Jeremy Scott has done it once again!!..

It's time you put away your dull track suits cause this is totally out the box

This is part of the new winter range 2010. If you get your hands on a pair, feel free to get one for a man!.

The Original Three Stripes Collection!!!

Jul 19, 2010

Rick Ross- Teflon Don

Eyo all you Rick Ross fans I got something for ya'll..

The new Rick Ross is coming out tomorrow ( the 20 July)!!!. Personally I'm not a Rick Ross fan but one thing I know is that this dude is like a fine bottle of wine- he gets better with time, so this album is guaranteed to be way better than his last work. So go out there and cop it when it comes out tomorrow!.

Here are the tracks to expect from his latest offering the Teflon Don.

1. I'm Not A Star ( Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E League
2. Free Mason (Feat. Jay-Z) ( Prod. By The Inkredibles)
3. Tears Of Joy (Feat. Cee-Lo)
4. Maybach Music III ( Feat. T.I, Jadakiss, & Erykah Badu) ( Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E League)
5. Live Fast, Die Young (Feat. Kanye West)
6. Super High ( Feat. Ne-Yo) (Prod. By Clark Kent & The Remedy)
7. No. 1 ( Feat. Trey Songz, & Diddy)
8. Mc Hammer (Feat. Gucci Mane) ( Prod. Lex Luger)
9. B.M.F ( Blowin' Money Fast) ( Feat. Styles P) ( Prod. By Lex Luger)
10. Aston Martin Music ( Feat. Drake, & Chrisette Michele) ( Prod. By J.U.S.T.I.C.E League)
11. All The Money In The World ( Feat. Raphael Saadiq) ( Prod. By The Olympicks)
DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!... www.multiupload.com/FL2MZYEG3T (Dont worry it's all Legit!)

Jul 18, 2010

Creative Nerds Gear

Creative Nerds gear retailing at CAPS- R100; T-Shirts- R120

Dj Sbu Moves To METRO FM?

Ok ok this guy always hits us when we least expect, i mean Metro Fm...

Dj Sbu who has become famous for first hosting the drive time show on Yfm years ago has done it again. After holding it down at Yfm in his drive time slot he shocked everyone when he decided to move to Ukhozi Fm ( for those who don't know, Uhkozi Fm caters predominantly strictly Zulu market) where he bombed out cause keeping it strictly deep vernacular was out of his character.

He went back to Yfm to host the Breakfast show which was a success. But will that success go with him to Metro Fm? I doubt. For the mere fact that he has to keep it mainstream english contrary to the township lingo he mastered at Yfm, as well as the fact that his moving from weekday radio to weekend radio.

But hey, we can only keep listening and hope his listeners don't dicth him because of the different time-slot and different station. We hope, for his sake, it's not a detrimental move

Catch Dj Sbu during Weekends on Metro Fm!.

Jul 17, 2010


The 18th of July have become synonymous with Nelson Mandela's birthday, and tomorrow he will be celebrating his 92nd birthday...

Now for ya'll who don't know the significance of the 67 minutes..

Nelson Mandela has dedicated his whole life to trying to change the world in doing good for everyone. He has spent all his life to make the dream of making people happy a reality. He dedicated 67 years in the struggle for freedom in changing the world and in turn all he's asking for is you do the same and invest 67 minutes (his 67 years in the struggle broken into minutes) in doing good for others.

Lets go out there and celebrate his birthday in style and do good in everything we do, lets not let it end just on Nelson Mandela Day but lets make it a tradition and culture to help those who are in need of our help.

Make everyday a Nelson Mandela Day. From the Creative Nerds team, we would like to wish the Great Nelson Mandela a Happy 92nd Birthday on the 18th of July!.

Jul 16, 2010

Creative Nerds

Creative Nerds is an establishment that was created with the sole objective to revive the dying breed of mass creativity through art, media, and design...

dreams are known to be a rich source of inspiration for an artist, and that's what Creative Nerds is- bold thinkers who bring dreams to reality through cutting edge design, and provoking your deepest thoughts and desires.

Creative Nerds is more than just a mere brand, it is a lifestyle that we live by, that with which we can live but never truely exist. It is a canvas for the artists to express their ideas through media and design with the intention of creating a timeless masterpiece.

Creative Nerds is a vision turned brand extraordinaire giving inter-actors the ability to grow as artists and designers through innovation and creativity.

We can go on for days on how Creative Nerds is a leader in the ner era, we can also tell you how we are recreating fashion and design, we can use complicated english and make it sound fancy and elegant. but no matter how much we try- what Creative Nerds is or what it aspires to be goes far beyond what already is.

Creative Nerds does not review things, we Debut them..

Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later by Drake is one of the most anticipated rap albums of 2010..

Fans, lovers, and critics of Drake were anxiously waiting for this album to drop and according to me ( a Drake neutral) I think this album is one-sided and unbalanced. When listening to Thank Me Later there's a sense that this album is directed more to the female market with its more soft and emotional style in music.

Drake is undoubtably a leader of the new era shifting Hip Hop from a gangsta feel to a more personal art. His gift of being able to sing as well as rap turns to be his demon because he seems to sing on almost every song which makes all the songs sound alike. His metaphors and word play does him justice with his style of rap which keeps you interested in what he has to say.

But for a first album he has done a great job taking 'Over' from where he left off in his So Far Gone mixtape. songs to look out for on this album are: 'Over', 'Light Up' feat Jay-Z, 'Fancy' with Swizz Beatz, as well as 'Up All Night' if you're looking for that street feel that we have come to know him by.

So from the Creative Nerds team we give Drake's Thank Me Later 3.5 out of 5

Aviator by Jay-Z

The new creation of mega headphones by Skullcandy has again taken over the earwaves. Aviator is the name of new Jay-Z and Roc-Nation design of headphones.
Available in a series of 3 colours (silver, black, and brown) with fine leather finishing, Skullcandy has once again out-done itself.
Aviator is soon to be shipped to South Africa as from the 22nd of June retailing at $149.99.. its not a bad amount considering that it has a lifetime warranty