May 6, 2011

M'cKenneth Licon- Little Fashionisto

You think you know fashion? don't answer that question as yet!

I've posted a few things about and since i've been on it, i've bumped into very interesting characters and personalities but only a few were good enough to stand out, I'm talking about the lilfashionisto! M'c Kenneth Licon a guy from Vancouer has been the benchmake of fashion. Mastering different styles of dress- i mean this guy is undisputed!

In a recent interview with Lookbook he said: "Growing up, I’ve always been very artistic and I guess that translated to my choices in clothing. I have always been very particular, careful and yet still playful in combining pieces together and creating a cohesive looks one after another."

Enough talking, lets let the man speak for himself:

Now you can answer that question- Do you think you know fashion?

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