Aug 31, 2010

August W/Rap Up- Mr. Calibre

DOWNLOAD the August W/Rap Up Track-

Nike Boots

All conditions boots...

Personally, I'm a fan of Nike and its all because they never fail to impress me with hi tech innovations. Take a look at these boots. During rainy weather you have to compromise your style and not wear your nice kicks because of them getting dirty and muddy and so you wear your not-so-cool-shoes.

Not anymore, look good in any weather and gear up with these boots.

Now for the best part. They are available in a range of colours, easy to clean up- because of their patent material. Knowing Nike these are bound to cost an arm and a leg, but hey they are worth it.

Let them hit South Africa and I'll be waiting for that rainy day so I can make you envious...

Nike boots get a 4.5-out-of-5 from me!

Aug 30, 2010


Everyone, beware, this one is set to rock the cyber space by storm. In fact we can qualify it as the AIDS of the cyberspace.

In the next few days as you open your e mail, beware of an attachment tittled "POSTCARD FROM HALLMARK".

This is because, it is a virus that burns the entire hard disc of your PC.

This virus is so dangerous that it considered the most 'DESTRUCTIVE' so far by Microsoft, and Norton Anti-Virus as well as Snope have confirmed this. It was discovered by McAfee a few days ago. So, if you receive an e mail called 'POST CARD' in the next few days, DO NOT OPEN IT and SHUT DOWN YOUR COMPUTER IMMEDIATLEY. Even if it comes from your friends and it will be worse if its comes from an EX.


Aug 27, 2010

AKA's Version Of BMF

AKA's version of "BMF" could easily be the
better version of all the versions
I've heard, including the original itself!..

Rick Ross the career student gave
you a run for your money on
this one!

LISTEN to the track on the media player
on the top right. Or simply
DOWNLOAD it, courtesy of
IV League.


Aug 26, 2010

Two Moons?


THERE WILL BE 2 Moons on 27Aug.2010 and next time will be in year 2187

On the 27th Aug the Whole World is waiting for Mother Nature to show us Wonders....!

Planet Mars will be the brightest in the night sky starting August. It will look as large as the full moon to the naked eye. This will culminate on Aug. 27 when Mars comes within 34.65mil miles off earth. Be sure to watch the sky on Aug. 27 at 12:30 am. It will look like the earth has 2 moons.

The next time Mars may come this close is in 2187.
Don't know 'bout yall but 12:30? I'll be sleeping.. Guess I'll have to wait till 2187

-Phanx Meatloaf

Only For The Brave Party- Party Prep 101


Friend zone = End of the World

Okay so earlier on in the blog we already had a discussion on this topic - a male-sided one that is - so ladies I am here to ask for your input in this because I am more distraught than confused. When did the 'Friend zone' become a zone to begin with? What happened to mere friends? I feel like I have been in a deep sleep and woke up to a world where male friends mutated into underground sexual predators.

Here I am thinking I genuinely had male best friend and he never imagined me sexually, like I was one of the boys until...a 4 year friendship turned awkward when he tried to kiss me a month ago. I mean, what happened to a guy and a girl being purely platonic? Did men meet a their global annual men's conference and concur to go back to their animal ways again? Why weren't the ladies informed of this? If you did, we'd probably ditch most of you niggers and opt to wash out the 'haterade' from our system between us ladies and actually build proper solid friendships...SERIOUSLY.

After the awkward dumb-finding experience I quickly went to 'my boys' for a post-mortem and they threw comments like "Of course he liked you! Four years and you expect a freakin 'girlfreind'? Nah gal, he wants you." My world shatters to think of how many times I changed in front of him.

I feel betrayed! A male friend is no longer that... he's a predator waiting for the perfect time to tap that...Until I figure this out, I blame this on the World Cup! What do you think?! Hit me up...No guys, I mean let me know what you think. You see?

Aug 25, 2010

Power Laces

Too lazy to tie your own laces? Well Nike's got your back.. Or should I say foot?.

Break Ups

Honestly I think break ups are just break ups...

But with females that aint the case. With them its always painful,emotional, sad etc etc...

This cycle is vital in this game... Without it alot of people would be single so break-ups help keep us on heavy rotation.

Break-ups are bound to hapen eventually, plus the good thing about them is that sooner or later she`ll come back as a friend or a booty
call...but 85% of the time they`l be booty calls.

As a guy i believe geting an even hotter rebound/replacement girl is the best way 2 move on and make the "EX-GIRL" envy.

So to all o` my niggaz lets mend thier broken hearts and keep the
cycle moving.....


Aug 21, 2010

Jay Z- Nike Hov

Jay Z and Nike have collaborated to bring us The Jay-Z x Nike “All Black Everything” HOV sneaker. First it was with Kanye, the Air Yeezy, and now with Jay Z, Nike is doing big things!

With only five designs and only two pairs of each of the five designs will be created,one off cause one is for the man behind the design, JAY-Z.

I wonder if they are ever gonna hit South African Shores.. If they ever do Gallery on 4th I want a pair!

Aug 20, 2010

Power Remix Feat. Jay Z and Swizz Beats

You thought the Original was Powerful?.. Wait untill you hear the remix!

What a perfect combination- Kanye, Jay Z and Sweezy. And the changing beat at the end is just on point! Enough with the talk listen to the track and tell me what you think, and if you like it you can DOWNLOAD it by clicking on the link..


Aug 19, 2010

Search For The Beauty Of Triumph

She's Fiiiiine!..

Ey beautiful people here's some eye-candy for you to vote for.

Jump start the young lady's career by voting for her to be the face of triumph! All you gotta do is just click on the link below and it'l take you onto the website with more pics of her, next to them will be a 'LIKE' option click on it and thats it, that simple!.

Support the girl!!! Its just 2min of your time.. and oh and don't be shy tell a friend to vote as well, THE MORE THE MERRIER :D

Click on the link and vote.. I'm watching you!

Search For The Beauty Of Triumph

Aug 18, 2010

Fiona Coyne The Weakest Link?

The 45 year old known for her cutting, dry wit. Fiona Coyne, presenter of the Weakest Link, died in an accident on Today.

According to Die Burger, the accident happened while Coyne was on her way to her home in Fish Hoek.

Coyne was also prominent in the theatre industry. She was fun and her witty comments were just on point.

She was a member of the Capab Drama Company and served on the Theatre Advisory Panel for the National Arts Council.

Rest in Peace.. She will be dearly missed.

Information courtesy of News24

"Imma Let You Finish But..... I Got Beyonce On The Track!"

He actually does that on the track.. Talk about turning tradegy into triumph.

I won't say much but the track is out on the streets and it's looking like the old Kanye is back with his usual Fire!. The track features Beyonce and Uncle Charlie so you know its bound to be something crazy.

But you know we doubted the Raps Two Weeks BEFORE it actually came out. (We stay on point!). Check out the Raps on this blog to hear it. Or just click on the link to hear the track..

Aug 16, 2010

Converse NEON

All Star Glow in the Dark?!..

Never thought the day would come where I would design the kinds of kicks I would wanna wear. Converse has now come out with a new edition. the Neon edition!. And on top of that, you can customize the classical All Star into the colours you want.

Create a one of a kind pair to match your style!

Aug 12, 2010 Named Director of the Grammy Foundation

Talk about hogging the spot!...

As if it's not enough that he already has 7 Grammy's to his name, Yeah 7 Grammy's! now
Black Eyed Peas frontman and producer is named the Director of the Grammy Foundation. is expected to promote the importance of music and art as part of his new position. The singer/producer has already earned seven Grammy Awards in his career and in September will be honored by performance rights organization BMI during their annual Urban Awards.

He will receive BMI's President's Award for for his musical and philanthropic work in the past year. (theboombox)

I must say from Boom Bap Rap to Pop Music has come a long way and he deserve all the success his getting. He has changed the dynamics of music- from his solo tracks, to Black Eyed Peas, even when his featured.

Rapper, songwriter, singer, actor, producer, and now Director!

Aug 11, 2010

Touchscreen Turntables

Technology is taking over!...

First it was your Pop's old school vinyl machine, than it was the cassette player, eventually the advanced version of the turntable hit the streets, and which Dj doesn't have CDJ's?.

Talk about the New Old School. The Turntable is back with a bang, and this time it's touchscreen!

No complicated buttons or cables this is a toy every DJ of the 21st Century should have. Who thought that the future will be like this? Not me. So thanks to Gregory Kaufman for The Multi Touch Light Table. Users will only need to carry a flash drive with their own music.

If you wanna get your HANDS on this piece of machine, you still gotta wait a while because it hasn't hit South African base yet.

Talk about Hands On music..

Aug 9, 2010

Happy Women's Day

"To all the women in my life and women around the world. To women that are wives and all the little girls..."

From the Creative team we'd like to wish all the women a lovely women's day.
Not forget all the fallen soldiers that made this day possible for for all the women. May all you women carry on carrying the torch and letting it burn higher! Keep doing what you do..

Happy women's month for the rest of August!

Aug 6, 2010

Wyclef Jean to run for Haiti President

Rapper, Music popstar, and now he wants to add President to his title...

Wyclef is a talented musician and performer, he was born in Haiti, he has been a helping hand to the country after it was ravished by an earthquake last year, and he is very popular to the people of Haiti, musicians are influencial so he'll spread the message easier, plus he will be proving that musicians have brains too, so you may think isn't he the best candidate?

Are you seroius Wyclef? running a country is different than puttin together an album and writing lyrics. I mean is Lauryn Hill gonna be the first lady, and Ready Or Not the national anthem?

IF he does become President will other Presidents, let alone 'his people', take him seriously considering the bad reputaion Rap music has? Can you imagine him at a World Summit talking about Nuclear Proliferation? I didn't think so.

But hey.. lets not underestimated the guy lets just wait untill the elections in November.. If he wins than He'l Be Gone Till November, literally this time.

Jackie Selebi- The IRONY

Well i think Justice was served but 15 years is just too steep...

Jackie Selebi found guilty after his trial has been pending for 4 years. Ok I agree with the judges verdict of finding Jackie Selebi guilty because some of his statements just did not correspond and link with what he was claiming.

But I have to disagree with the sentencing though, 15 years? thats just too steep!

I mean 15 years is more than what people who commit murder get for their crimes, and he just took a coupler rands here and there, looked out for a coupler people, C'mon judge 15 years?. If I was the judge I would've given him a 5 year sentence and a Hefty fine though!

The IRONY of this whole thing, is that how does Glenn Agliotti a Hardcore Criminal (accused of Murder) put Jackie Selebi the National Commissioner of the South African Police Service and a former President of Interpol (the second largest intergovernmental organization after the United Nations) in jail?

Somebody tell me how does the justice system work?!..

Aug 5, 2010

Quick Political Punch With MrSkhokho!

I think the idiots at Luthuli House must recruit an intelligent media strategist. Their Mafia tactics to try and control the media are appalling to say the least.

The tactics they are employing are indicative of their desires to censor the media. They do this in order to further their own selfish embezzlement, corruption, fraud and feed their already bulging stomachs and endless wives and children.

It is ironic that, they the ANC were in the forefront fighting for democracy. Now that democracy has been attained, they want to destroy it. I think that is hypocricy if you ask me. Thank goodness for our efficient constitution, otherwise South Africans would be buying bread for R100 like our unfortunate neighbours.

The media tribunal they are pursuing is nonsensical, but achievable. However the excitement of controlling the media can be shortlived because the west is not lenient on sanctions.... again look at our neighbours.

I would not be surprised if it would emerge that The Sunday World journalist's arrest was orchestrated from Luthuli House. In the meanwhile I hear DA calling my name!

Aug 4, 2010

How To Cheat And Never Get Caught

Well when it comes to this you have to be slick, certian rules need to
be followed!
So grab your pads and take notes...

Firstly its all about "GOOD GAME"

The key is to never have two progresive relationships at once. Simply
because the course of events can make one loose focus which is
extremely vital in this game.

Remember not every one can master the art of deciet so you have to
cope under preasure on a daily.

I believe having a no strings attached type of arrangement is safer
for one because it is easily disposable just in case things get to
hard to handle.

Stick to the same routine and Delete All Incriminating Evidence. These
women are nosy...from messages to pictures and call records. Stay focus and cheat as
much as you can.

Take note this works when you aint got the "Cheaters" camera crew following you.

And cheaters who get caught aren't really cheaters...

Paco Rabbane- 1 Million

Ask me how this smells and I'll tell you like a MILLION BUCKS!!!

You know it for its sexy, captivating smell.. From the Black XS and now the 1 Million, Paco Rabbane is worth every penny!

This fragrance has that sweet, piercing, charming smell, so if you wanna make an impression and charm that lady ( for ladies, if you wanna charm that guy) you have to buy this fragrance!

Forget the fragrance, look at the packaging!, the bottle is made to look like a Million Dollar Gold bar, and the box is a vault. You can see they put time and effort to make this product and carry out the whole concept

Ranging from $46.99 - $61.99 I say this is a give away cause this product is worth a MILLION BUCKS!!

Aug 3, 2010

Welcome To August

Welcome to the month of August!..

Its time we said goodbye to the chilly days and said hi to the sunny days. July saw the blog come to life but August saw it turn a month old. We trying hard to make the blog as inter-active and entertaining as possible.

Hence we put on old classic GAMES on ( Tetris, Pinball, Pacman, Super Mario) to keep you entertainted while blogging. We got the CONTACT page where you can halla at us concerning anything really! The NERDS page is for you to get to know about the folks that make the blog what it is.

If you want to put a specific pic on the blog ( Got any Crazy Pics of urself?) email us and we'll upload it on the GAllERY.

And if your still wondering what Creative Nerds is, feel free to go onto the manifesto and find out!!

Till later days take care and Enjoy August.( dont forget to FOLLOW the blog) Eezy!