Dec 2, 2010

Lost and Found once a week!!

Whatever happened to celebrity Pastor Mbhobho. He shot to fame when he was introduced to the media platform on Gauteng based youth radio station Y FM. there, he plummeted the ARs and scored himself some fans.

He was popular for advicing and commenting on matters that affect the youth, however he did that in a funny, catchy and analogical manner, something that was unussual at the time. For an example he came with an analogy of comparing the youth to the cab Quantum. Everyone rides the Quantum, all shapes and sizes. So he advised the youth not to be Quantums where everyone just taps your ass and leaves, all shapes and sizes.

He was was "managed" by the host of the show he was on, better known as AK Mgaga. It was reported that AK Mgaga ripped the funnyPastor off all the coins that came from booking fees. This did not put him down however, because he was seen all over the media, being invited to events and perfoming at some.

It seems the poor Pastor has dissappeared from the media. Anyone who knows where he is, let us know, we would like to get blessings while we laugh.
Lost and found once a week with the big man: MrMedia!!

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Anonymous said...

The last I heard of uPastor Mbhobho, he was featured on someone's show on Ukhozi FM. Where is is now? Well, that could be anyone's guess.