Mar 15, 2011

Show Me NOW!!

I want to know so show me now how to! Don't know what I'm going on about? Well I'm talking about the new Apple app. Still not sure?

Well Apple has a new app called Show Me Now, this app is designed to help you with all your practical demands from how to make a cheese, peanut butter, and toasted olive and salmon sandwich; to how mow your lawn in a mohawk style. Doesn't sound believable right? Well believe it cause its true.

Based on the internationally bestselling book series- Show Me How, this easy step by step guide shows you how to prctically do 321 things and improve 317 other essential skills on the go. All you have to do is search for whatever you want to know and it will Show you how now with no internet access required! Alot of unecessary things would be avoided if we could all just have this app.

I can already think of a few things I would search on it- (show me how to ride a skateboard while singing karaoke with a ball on my one foot- hmmm wonder if it can actually show me how).

Maybe I should get it for myself and it will show me how to write my next post now!

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