Mar 2, 2011

Vuzu Runs with the Reps this March!

Watch the space because the Reps are running the show!

Soon after launching a South African reality show first with Nonhle Goes to Hollywood, youth channel Vuzu is at it again with the premiere of Running with the Reps on Friday 4 March at 19:30.

The trendy channel has acquired broadcast rights to mega international reality shows namely, America’s Next Top Model, Project Runway, The Bachelor series, Basketball Wives, Randy Jackson presents America’s Best Dance Crew, True Beauty, I want to work for Diddy and Fantasia for Real as well as locally produced shows like Vixens and Creamcartel making Vuzu the home of hot reality shows – with more shows coming up in the next few months!

Running with the Reps follows the daily lives of the different personalities that make up the trendy and influential Johannesburg based dance group The Repertoires. In the show we feature the six main group members, Nthato Malete, Larry “Larryngitis” Mncube-Nhlane, Michael Makwala, Senhle “T- Chama” Mazibuko, The Thundacats Kea and Thato Deluxe as well as Tejee “DJ Ellipsis” Mbuyamba.

We run with the Reps as they master new creative moves, organise events as well as tours whilst juggling their personal lives and own business ventures. In the first episode we meet the crew members and they take us on a trip down memory lane of how and why the group was formed. We catch up with the guys as they embark on finding what they have dubbed as “The Rep Mansion” - a new home for their ever-growing family. We discover the “spaceship shower”, meet Larry’s other half as well as Nthato’s son. It’s not all about business and the serious; we get to experience the nightlife scene…Repertoires style!

Meet the Repertoires (Main Characters):

Nthato Malete (25) – The most controversial member of the group. Co-founder of The Repertoires and father figure to the younger members of the crew and events coordinator. He has a show on VoW FM (Voice of Wits). Nthato is the father of baby Khumo, who is 18 months old. He is spoken for (on and off) by Refiloe Dikgole. The couple took part in Vuzu’s anti-dating reality show, Vixens, after which Refiloe broke up with the player due to pressure from family and friends who had watched the show.

Larry “Larryngitis” Mncube-Nhlane (21) - Co-founder of The Repertoires dance group. Young, energetic, creative and self-driven, this young socialite has managed to build himself as a brand. Larry is an aspiring television presenter, emcee, dancer, mood-manager, Pati Animal columnist, entertainment writer for Kasi Times and Checkmate shades brand ambassador. He is also a radio presenter on the popular Rhythm 100 internet radio station. He is working on a dance theatre production and hopes to start a clothing label in 2011. His mother was the first and most influential supporter of the Repertoires crew. She mentored the group and was seen as the mother figure by the boys. She passed away in 2008. Larry is learning to find his way into adulthood without his parents.

Michael Makwala (23) - The manager of the crew, also known as ‘The General’, Mike joined the Repertoires in 2007, and has played a key role by helping the crew get to where they are today. He is the enforcer and disciplinarian. Michael’s aggressive approach to life and his competitive nature help him get through life’s trials and tribulations. Michael has a ‘hate me or love me’ attitude, and isn’t really fazed by other people’s judgements or opinions. Highly athletic, Mike is a straightforward and honest guy, with a witty sense of humour. Quite the entrepreneur, Mike has numerous businesses running, one being a logistics company with his older brother.

Senhle “T- Chama” Mazibuko (20) - A senior member of the crew, Chama started out with the Reps when he was 16 years old and has been very interested in the business side of things ever since. Chama loves to laugh and most people like to hear his contagious laugh. An entertainer at heart, he has an interest in radio and modelling. He is also an aspiring emcee. He one day wishes to own a music record label as music is his passion. Chama believes in giving back and plans on investing a lot of his time and money to charity. His biggest wish is for the crew to be a major success!

The Thundacats Kea and Thato Deluxe (17) – Owners of Deluxe Entertainment. The duo are still high school students. These young Reps are juggling their school work and professional dancing against their parents’ will.

Tejee ‘DJ Ellipses’ Mbuyamba (21) – Repertoires’ house DJ, fun-loving guy, ‘joker’, ‘blonde’ and studying Engineering at UJ. Tejee speaks his mind no matter the consequences. A spoilt brat who gets everything he wants from his parents, he loves the gym and has a unique approach with the ladies (you’ll soon find out what we mean). He is in a relationship with long time crush, Thando Valery. His commitment level, however, is questionable, as is his dress sense.

The Repertoires were founded in 2006 and have since built a huge name for themselves with a massive following in South Africa as well as the rest of Africa.

Catch the premiere of Running with the Reps on Friday 4 March at 19:30, ONLY on Vuzu!


Anonymous said...

Having observed the fame of this group escalate throughout the years, I can say with confidence & a smile that theses fellaz are going places. *Too proud*
Good luck Reps, never for a mintue did I doubt yal... Pulse;)

Funk said...

Just from watching the first episode, I think that it's better than Nonhle Goes to Hollywood. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Season 2 for da Reps on vuzu i knw its gna be outrageous cz nt 4 evn a sec i wuld dought u guys bcz FACT IS DA REPS ROCK ! Bigup guys 2al da gud work n keep it up cz ur'l r goin plces.