Oct 28, 2010

Tetris- Is It Just A Game?

I am sure everybody has played tetris be it on a arcade machine, a cellphone, or on one of those hand held gamers. Tetris is the greatest game ever created..

I ask myself is it just a game? No. besides being entertainment when you are seriously bored, tetris teaches you things maybe not overtly. You might only see colourful blocks and different shapes, but ut all about logic and solving problems.

The Creative Nerds logo is a tetris maze showing that the Nerds saw that there was a proble- lack of creativity and that by simple logic of lifestyle entertainment they plan to solve it. Would you say tetris is just a game?

Forget your 3D graphic games, stick to old skool!.


Anonymous said...

i stil say ur tetris has samtn agnst me *wink wink* kido

Mesuli Splash said...

aah.. im sorry, wat it do?