Oct 2, 2010

Hide And Seek- H2O

The sweet waters of the SA music industry were really not kind to hip-hop duo H2O. I mean they really drowned under all of that water. But much credit has to be given to them for their contribution to the SA hip-hop industry.

The duo consisting of Menzi and Sphiwe made us enjoy their rhymes offered mostly in vernac. They also gave us hit songs such as "Its wonderful". Both from Soweto, represented the hood very well.

Gents, where are you? the SA music scene is missing you. And if there is some life savers of the industry out there, these guys need you. They are choking under the H2O....

"it would be wonderful" to see their return and stay above the water this time.
Signing out Hide And Seek Once A Week
Mr. Skhokho

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