Oct 18, 2010


If you're an advent blogger of the Creative Nerds, than you would have noticed a few modifications on the page..

There's a new widget about LookBook and you might be wondering what that is all about. Well its a fashion website is basically 'run' by ordinary people. The people dictate what fashion is- its a collective of fashion conscious people.

Basically if you feeling sexy, fresh, and good-looking and you're wearing something stylish (preferably a brand) - you just take a picture of yourself and you upload it and they can become fans of ur pictures and style.

Its a fashion search engine- when you serach NIKE for instance you see how ordinary people wear Nike gear, and whats hot on the streets!! And the beauty of it is that anyone can join it.

Its a fashion site for people by the people- No photoshoots jus ordinary people!

Oh yea check out ma profile on there- Hype, Like, Fan me: www.lookbook.nu/mesuli_splash.
B warned its SUPER ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just join for just to visit go onto: http://www.lookbook.nu/

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Funk said...

Yay to this!