Oct 19, 2010

King Of Hip Hop- Biggie VS Tupac

This is by far the most controversial debate of all time... Who is the King of Hip Hop, Biggie Or Tupac?

When it comes to other genres its easy to decide who wears the King's Crown: King Of Pop- Michael Jackson; King Of Rnb- R. Kelly; King Of Rock 'n Rock- Elvis Presley and so on, but when it comes to Hip Hop some say its the kid from the West- Tupac, some go with the East- Biggie.

I listened to both of them and I came to a conclusion- Biggie is the King of Hip Hop for me!. Yes Tupac was a lyricist, he was poetic, he had a message, and he was a revolutionist through his music. But Biggie was a musician, he made music,he was artistic, had a flow, punchlines, a way with words- all the ingredients you need as a hip hop artist.

I won't lie either, Tupac killed Biggie with Hit 'em up but that doesn't take away anything from Biggie if you know Running with Tupac and Biggie. Listen to that track and tell me who came out top. Go to any Hip Hop session they hardly play Tupac but Juicy; Big poppa; sky is the limit; etc.. by Biggie is always on the playlist.

Now in comparison with Biggie, Tupac has more than 10 albums and Biggie has less than 5 albums and still they compare the two, which shows you that Biggie didn't just rhyme, he had content. I just wonder how it would be if these guys were still alive- would they have squashed the beef? would snap/crunk music be around?

So bear witness today as I Notoriously crown Biggie the official King Of Hip Hop and if you think otherwise feel free to comment as state why.

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