Sep 27, 2010

Dj Black Coffee- 60 Hour Dj'ing Marathon

Yeah you heard right, 60 Hour Dj'ing Marathon!

I have new found respect for this dude who always gives us nothing but hits. Dj Black Coffee was running a charity drive, on behalf of his foundation, were he was dj'ing for 60 Hours- from Thursday night to Sunday Morning, imagine that. It wasn't 60 hours flat- he took a 20 minute break every 4 hours ( but whats 20 minutes in 4 hours anyway).

Yep I was there to witness this record breaking event and I here Guinness World Record was around to monitor the single hand record breaker.
The reason I can't write more on this is because from all the partying I hardly remember what went down other than the fact the it WENT DOWN!

Big Ups to Black Coffee and everybody that was the from Thursday till Sunday!!

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MrSkhokho said...

Blackcoffe is indeed the man and we were there to witness it all.......massive respect to the man. Zakes Bantwini's perfomance was out of this world. Indeed Much RESPECT TO THE FELLAS..Until next year where we gonna run for 100 hours... Kaofela!!!1