Sep 28, 2010

Future For All

We interrupt the regular programme to bring you...

Yo beautifull people since we on that charity spirit I would like to ask for your help. There's an organisation called Future For All that needs peoples who are willing to tutor school kids as VOLUNTEERS on Saturdays in Soweto; Johannesburg.

If you are or know of anyone you may be interested to tutor any subject they prefer especially need those Accounting, Maths, Science.
All need to do is send your name and contact details, and times of availability to and a member of the team will contact you and hopefully workout the best areas for you to help.

The project seeks to help increase the pass rate of students in Soweto by allowing society to help. There will be a number of workshops as well. We want them to be able to go to varsity and survive there or else South Africa might need greater intervention.
They're trying to reach out to as many people as they can to make it work so any help will do. Lets help these kids get A+'s!!!


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