Sep 23, 2010

The Real Nicki Minaji

This reminds me of Eminem's old songs: "...Many the real Slim Shady please stand up"

I thought I knew Nicki Minaji as that gorgeous lady, pretty face, nicely packaged features, just too perfect. Untill I found out the truth. You know what they say- if something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Everything thats nice about her is not her, its all her surgeons work.

From her face, nose, boobs, ass, basically everything has been created in the lab. She wasn't that bad before surgery, but she wasn't this good either.
Which makes you wonder- would you still love her the same way you do now if she didn't become Barbie? I thought so! I'm sure you'll look at her differently now that you know who she really is..

Have a look at these vidoe's and judge for yourself:

"... So many the real Nicki Minaji please stand up!"


Anonymous said...

i doesnt matter though because it is her body and if she wanted to change it she has the right to. and who are we to judge her?.....and the real nicki minaj is the one who is in that body

Anonymous said...

Thats so true ^^ Who are you to judge you have no right to judge her!!! We still love her for her we dont really care about her looks you have no right to be posting this crap shes pretty either way she looked!! its her body she can do what she wants leave her alone

Btw your going to have a lot of haters!!!!

queen said...

- idisaqree . yuh where cutee even without fixinq yur self mama but istill lovee yuh nikki .

Anonymous said...

i dont care what nobody say about nicki minaj she still pretty either way and r i t e e ,... who are we to judge her like really. well i dont care what nobody say she still the BADEST. <3 Yhuu NickiMinajj.!

Anonymous said...

But why would she do it in the first place!!! She looked fine the way she was, and then she had to be mad stupid and change the way she looked , and I'm not gonna love her for that god made you to be not to get plastic surgery over your hole body and become those tacky barbie dolls -.-

Anonymous said...

It is all showbizzz, lets judge her on the vocals though! She is fab, I do not care how she looks now or how she looked before!