Sep 7, 2010

Siz 'n Scoop- Full Clip Vol. 1

OK let me break it down for you...

There's these two guys- one is Siz the other Scoop.
They have a radio show every Thursday from 10 pm till 12 pm.
They host a show called The Full Clip.
On YFM 99.2

What happens is that they have rappers every week who come and entertain us by debuting their new material (songs); who freestyle; sometimes even battle. Siz 'n Scoop have taken out a 30 track mixtape with the most hottest freestyles and they are giving it away for free!. 30 hot freestyles for FREE!!

You know the Nerds stay hooking you up with the latest- you can simply DOWNLOAD the mixtape on this blog by clicking on the link below. Download and listen to it and let me know what you think of it. Eezy!

1 comment:

flint shongwe said...

ayo siz no scoop.the vol 1 the ismatics out thr but now i cant find volume 2.wr cn i get it(plz post it on your status massage on facebook)