Sep 9, 2010


War of the social networks, which side are you on Facebook or Twitter?...

Well Facebook is slowly becoming the mxit of our days and Twitter the facebook if you know what I mean. Personally I'm a fan of facebook but I'm slowly getting bored of it because EVERYBODY is on Facebook now, is that a good thing?. Its even accessible to kids below 18 and they even adding me as their friend, I mean c'mon!

However it has brought everybody closer and made it easier for us to keep touch and touch base with each other, upload pics, and share crazy moments!

Twitter on the other hand is sooo vain and stalkerish! like people tweet about everything- "I'm in the bath now", "I'm about to sleep", like who really wants to know?! and whats up with just following people without their consent? I must say though Twitter is quite good for up to speed updates!

Is Facebook and Twitter the end of it?. No hard feelings though I really enjoy both netwoks. So do the right thing and add me as a friendon Facebook or follow me on Twitter! lol..

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