Jul 26, 2010

$500000 to survive END OF THE WORLD 2012

Do you have $500 large one's to ensure that you make it to see 2013?

Somewhere between Las Vegas and Los Angeles CA, is the Russian company VIVO building underground pads for 4000 of the world's elites to shelter in whilst the world enters its, the wildly predicted Apocalypse on 21 December 2012 according to dead tribe, the Mayans.

Now my question is, who the in hell is in charge of deciding that the so-called "elites" are more suitable for continuing the human race, if indeed the world is ending than the ordinary folks? Why not you or me?

Now lets think of some of the elites that the "world" should save:

*OPRAH - Really? No one is gonna need her talk show, diet plans, parenting skills (though she doesn't have a child of her own) when the people she'll be bunking with are super skinny supermodels (Naomi Campbell), millionire rockstars (Marilyn Manson) and Donald Trump and Dr Phil who will care more about their shows then hers!

*The Queen - "Off with head"

*Bill Gates - The man's already retired!
*Mariah Carey - Believe it or not.

*George Clooney -Hmmm, maybe his gene pool will work. Maybe?
*The Beckhams - no comment.
*Jim Carey - hahaahahaha! (excuse the irony.)
The list continues with the Rockefeller Clan, Oil dynasties, political leaders, Dali Lama, Elton John, the Pope, to name a few.

So peeps, you have 2 years to get yourself in the VIP list of the world if you're planning to make to 2013, if vele vele the world is ending. Or you can start getting your creative juices flowing and cook something up in your backyard!


Funk said...

They've also created an underground vault in Antartica (i think) that houses millions of different kinds of seeds that are set to be used to be used to start a fresh IF the world does indeed end. But how the hell are humans going to get there if we assume that everything will be destroyed???! And did i mention the freezing temperatures?!!!

Mesuli Splash said...

Damn! Well ammo b der.. YES u figured it out I HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY!. lol hahaha Jokes!