Jul 17, 2010


The 18th of July have become synonymous with Nelson Mandela's birthday, and tomorrow he will be celebrating his 92nd birthday...

Now for ya'll who don't know the significance of the 67 minutes..

Nelson Mandela has dedicated his whole life to trying to change the world in doing good for everyone. He has spent all his life to make the dream of making people happy a reality. He dedicated 67 years in the struggle for freedom in changing the world and in turn all he's asking for is you do the same and invest 67 minutes (his 67 years in the struggle broken into minutes) in doing good for others.

Lets go out there and celebrate his birthday in style and do good in everything we do, lets not let it end just on Nelson Mandela Day but lets make it a tradition and culture to help those who are in need of our help.

Make everyday a Nelson Mandela Day. From the Creative Nerds team, we would like to wish the Great Nelson Mandela a Happy 92nd Birthday on the 18th of July!.

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