Jul 16, 2010

Creative Nerds

Creative Nerds is an establishment that was created with the sole objective to revive the dying breed of mass creativity through art, media, and design...

dreams are known to be a rich source of inspiration for an artist, and that's what Creative Nerds is- bold thinkers who bring dreams to reality through cutting edge design, and provoking your deepest thoughts and desires.

Creative Nerds is more than just a mere brand, it is a lifestyle that we live by, that with which we can live but never truely exist. It is a canvas for the artists to express their ideas through media and design with the intention of creating a timeless masterpiece.

Creative Nerds is a vision turned brand extraordinaire giving inter-actors the ability to grow as artists and designers through innovation and creativity.

We can go on for days on how Creative Nerds is a leader in the ner era, we can also tell you how we are recreating fashion and design, we can use complicated english and make it sound fancy and elegant. but no matter how much we try- what Creative Nerds is or what it aspires to be goes far beyond what already is.

Creative Nerds does not review things, we Debut them..

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