Jul 18, 2010

Dj Sbu Moves To METRO FM?

Ok ok this guy always hits us when we least expect, i mean Metro Fm...

Dj Sbu who has become famous for first hosting the drive time show on Yfm years ago has done it again. After holding it down at Yfm in his drive time slot he shocked everyone when he decided to move to Ukhozi Fm ( for those who don't know, Uhkozi Fm caters predominantly strictly Zulu market) where he bombed out cause keeping it strictly deep vernacular was out of his character.

He went back to Yfm to host the Breakfast show which was a success. But will that success go with him to Metro Fm? I doubt. For the mere fact that he has to keep it mainstream english contrary to the township lingo he mastered at Yfm, as well as the fact that his moving from weekday radio to weekend radio.

But hey, we can only keep listening and hope his listeners don't dicth him because of the different time-slot and different station. We hope, for his sake, it's not a detrimental move

Catch Dj Sbu during Weekends on Metro Fm!.

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