Jul 26, 2010

Fratpack WHAAAT?!

Fratpack whaaat!?...

Yes you may ask 'what the hell is Fratpack?'. Well its a hip hop clique consisting of M.E (left), Mr. Calibre (right), and Hytone (not pictured). The music they make is what most people would view as "experimental", however there is reason for their "experimental ways and sound".

Fratpack aims to expose people to different kinds of music and show listeners that there's more to music than what's played on the radio. Fratpack dropped a mixtape in 2008 entitled The Far Out Mixtape which was a limited release in terms of copies pressed, but is now avialable for downloads on Creative Nerds.

The clique is currently adding finishing touches to their next mixtape Leak Season which promises to be a work of sick art, dropping in September and personally I can't wait!. For more information on Fratpack visit their blog: thefratblog.blogspot.com for any bookings contact Ofentse on 073 408 7303 or email Kabelo on mrmrcalibre@gmail.com

FRATPACK WHAAAAAAAAT!! DOWNLOAD The Far Out Mixtape:http://www.mediafire.com/?1fqhwzyvw01o885

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