Jul 28, 2010

Is The i Phone 4 Too HOT To Handle?

Is someone trying to sabotage Apple on thier lates gadget Apple i phone 4 or they are just using some unconventional publicity stunts?..

First it caught fire and burned some guys hand. And then a prototype was leaked online. That is some cheap publicity if you ask me.

Apple usually builds anticipation for a gadget by keeping things mum. And now this.......lets just hope it does not become a flop when we get our hands on it, never mind burn our hands.

i phone 4 is a cool handset though, it has some hot ( it won't burn your hand though) features including: HD video recording and editing, moving megapixels to 5mP from 3 mp with the i phone 3GS.

it also has some real time video calling, with dual screens, you can basically look at youself while seeing the other on the other side, and what is cool about that, is that you can actually flip between the two views all in a touch of a button.

But that about sums it, no major differences from the i phone 3GS than the one mentioned above. I was expecting more from them.

Vodacom is expected to launch this fourth generation handset in South Africa sometime in August.
Written by Mr Skhokho

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