Aug 4, 2010

How To Cheat And Never Get Caught

Well when it comes to this you have to be slick, certian rules need to
be followed!
So grab your pads and take notes...

Firstly its all about "GOOD GAME"

The key is to never have two progresive relationships at once. Simply
because the course of events can make one loose focus which is
extremely vital in this game.

Remember not every one can master the art of deciet so you have to
cope under preasure on a daily.

I believe having a no strings attached type of arrangement is safer
for one because it is easily disposable just in case things get to
hard to handle.

Stick to the same routine and Delete All Incriminating Evidence. These
women are nosy...from messages to pictures and call records. Stay focus and cheat as
much as you can.

Take note this works when you aint got the "Cheaters" camera crew following you.

And cheaters who get caught aren't really cheaters...

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