Aug 6, 2010

Wyclef Jean to run for Haiti President

Rapper, Music popstar, and now he wants to add President to his title...

Wyclef is a talented musician and performer, he was born in Haiti, he has been a helping hand to the country after it was ravished by an earthquake last year, and he is very popular to the people of Haiti, musicians are influencial so he'll spread the message easier, plus he will be proving that musicians have brains too, so you may think isn't he the best candidate?

Are you seroius Wyclef? running a country is different than puttin together an album and writing lyrics. I mean is Lauryn Hill gonna be the first lady, and Ready Or Not the national anthem?

IF he does become President will other Presidents, let alone 'his people', take him seriously considering the bad reputaion Rap music has? Can you imagine him at a World Summit talking about Nuclear Proliferation? I didn't think so.

But hey.. lets not underestimated the guy lets just wait untill the elections in November.. If he wins than He'l Be Gone Till November, literally this time.

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