Aug 5, 2010

Quick Political Punch With MrSkhokho!

I think the idiots at Luthuli House must recruit an intelligent media strategist. Their Mafia tactics to try and control the media are appalling to say the least.

The tactics they are employing are indicative of their desires to censor the media. They do this in order to further their own selfish embezzlement, corruption, fraud and feed their already bulging stomachs and endless wives and children.

It is ironic that, they the ANC were in the forefront fighting for democracy. Now that democracy has been attained, they want to destroy it. I think that is hypocricy if you ask me. Thank goodness for our efficient constitution, otherwise South Africans would be buying bread for R100 like our unfortunate neighbours.

The media tribunal they are pursuing is nonsensical, but achievable. However the excitement of controlling the media can be shortlived because the west is not lenient on sanctions.... again look at our neighbours.

I would not be surprised if it would emerge that The Sunday World journalist's arrest was orchestrated from Luthuli House. In the meanwhile I hear DA calling my name!

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