Aug 6, 2010

Jackie Selebi- The IRONY

Well i think Justice was served but 15 years is just too steep...

Jackie Selebi found guilty after his trial has been pending for 4 years. Ok I agree with the judges verdict of finding Jackie Selebi guilty because some of his statements just did not correspond and link with what he was claiming.

But I have to disagree with the sentencing though, 15 years? thats just too steep!

I mean 15 years is more than what people who commit murder get for their crimes, and he just took a coupler rands here and there, looked out for a coupler people, C'mon judge 15 years?. If I was the judge I would've given him a 5 year sentence and a Hefty fine though!

The IRONY of this whole thing, is that how does Glenn Agliotti a Hardcore Criminal (accused of Murder) put Jackie Selebi the National Commissioner of the South African Police Service and a former President of Interpol (the second largest intergovernmental organization after the United Nations) in jail?

Somebody tell me how does the justice system work?!..

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