Aug 4, 2010

Paco Rabbane- 1 Million

Ask me how this smells and I'll tell you like a MILLION BUCKS!!!

You know it for its sexy, captivating smell.. From the Black XS and now the 1 Million, Paco Rabbane is worth every penny!

This fragrance has that sweet, piercing, charming smell, so if you wanna make an impression and charm that lady ( for ladies, if you wanna charm that guy) you have to buy this fragrance!

Forget the fragrance, look at the packaging!, the bottle is made to look like a Million Dollar Gold bar, and the box is a vault. You can see they put time and effort to make this product and carry out the whole concept

Ranging from $46.99 - $61.99 I say this is a give away cause this product is worth a MILLION BUCKS!!

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