Aug 18, 2010

Fiona Coyne The Weakest Link?

The 45 year old known for her cutting, dry wit. Fiona Coyne, presenter of the Weakest Link, died in an accident on Today.

According to Die Burger, the accident happened while Coyne was on her way to her home in Fish Hoek.

Coyne was also prominent in the theatre industry. She was fun and her witty comments were just on point.

She was a member of the Capab Drama Company and served on the Theatre Advisory Panel for the National Arts Council.

Rest in Peace.. She will be dearly missed.

Information courtesy of News24


Ayanda said...

latest news says it was actually suicide hey homie... so this is wat apparently went down, the "accident" story was given to sorta just fend off the paparazzi 4 sometime while police figured out wat really happened... so it appears that it was suicide! they found two suicide notes in her car, one to her moms and the other to the domestic worker basically letting her know wat to do with the body wen she finds it... "At this stage it is a suspected suicide, but until the official investigation is complete we cannot say for sure that is the case. No foul play is suspected"

Mesuli Splash said...

I still think its a smart criminal who did it...