Aug 3, 2010

Welcome To August

Welcome to the month of August!..

Its time we said goodbye to the chilly days and said hi to the sunny days. July saw the blog come to life but August saw it turn a month old. We trying hard to make the blog as inter-active and entertaining as possible.

Hence we put on old classic GAMES on ( Tetris, Pinball, Pacman, Super Mario) to keep you entertainted while blogging. We got the CONTACT page where you can halla at us concerning anything really! The NERDS page is for you to get to know about the folks that make the blog what it is.

If you want to put a specific pic on the blog ( Got any Crazy Pics of urself?) email us and we'll upload it on the GAllERY.

And if your still wondering what Creative Nerds is, feel free to go onto the manifesto and find out!!

Till later days take care and Enjoy August.( dont forget to FOLLOW the blog) Eezy!

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