Nov 17, 2010

Hide And Seek- MC Hammer And Vanilla Ice

I don't care what anybody says but these old skool guys are the ones who invented swagg!..

I here these new skool rappers claiming how fresh they are, going on on how they invented swagg, blah blah blah.. thats nonsense! Swagg has been there since the days of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice. these guys are the one's who made the Hi-top fade cut popular; who brought fresh and added swagg to the raps!

Castle Lite did best by bringing the originators of swagg back to the scene with the Castle Lite ads. Rumour is that these two are due for a concert sometime this year here in South Africa, anybody got more details hook us up!.

New skool can try but best believe it Can't Touch This...

Signing Out:
Hide And Seek Once A Week

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