Nov 9, 2010

Matching Underwear

If you're a girl ask any guy about how much of a turn off non-matching underwear is.. and if they say its not a turn off than they are just as foolish as you for wearing non-matching underwear..

I mean I don't understand what would possess you as a girl not to wear a bra that match's your panties. Its not like it out your way or it requires an extra effort. Come on its not rock science. Blue bra with blue panty that simple!

As much as you wouldn't wear a green sock with a pink sock- the same logic applies. After all you don't no who might see it. If it doesn't match than simple coordination then- if its poker dots let it be poker dots! No smarties- its very tacky.
Am I being too demanding? maybe I'm just a guy and I don't understand, then let me know whats the deal.

With that said let me congratulate those of you who have been taking the time to coordinate your underwear and making it match- its quite sexy!.
Let me also congratulate those who after reading this saw the light and will wear pink with pink!. And those who still stick to their non-matching; non-coordination guns... Well good luck

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