Nov 17, 2010

Lamebook The New Facebook?

Well I as on the internet recently and i came across a site called Lamebook. The first thing you're thinking is "oh another Facebook wannabe". Well you're completely wrong...

Lamebook is a not a social network as such, what it is is basically a combination of all the LAME status updates, pictures, and comments of all times taken, off course from Facebook!. So if you're looking for the most LAMEst, hillarious status updates Lamebook is the place to go. You might even find yourself there if you're a regular Lamer.

Facebook didn't take lightly to Lamebook and so they tryna shut it down and they are sueing it but Lamebook is trying its best to stay up.

Well, Facebook didn't like Lamebook sticking up for themselves, so they shut down their Fan Page, and are preventing any users from "liking" Lamebook, and won't even let you share URLs with your friends if they point to Lamebook. In light of this, be sure to follow Lamebook on Twitter so you get updated with the latest and funniest of the lame!

But be sure to check it out for yourself!.

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