Nov 17, 2010

Young Money S.A?

This is how I see it.. The same way Young Money is dominating the American industry with its man power, TS Records is doing the same in the South African industry and I cant help but compare the two. Not to mention that the people in both these stables have a similar make-up.

TS Records is co-owned by DJ Sbu and TK hence TS. Since its existence this record label has brought us mega stars( Mzekezeke; Brown Dash; Izinyoka; Ntando; Brickz and many more..) and blazing hits over the years. Traditionally a kwaito record label but has spanned its wings with the signing of PRO, better known as Pro-Kid.

How are these two stables similar? well Young Money(YM) is owned by Lil Wayne and Birdman; TS Records by Dj Sbu and TK; Drake is the main attraction thats pushing YM and I'd say the same about PRO's role in TS. Than you have Tyga the youngin of the crew; in TS you have Lungelo; Gutta Gutta- Sash. And off course Nicki Minaj is Nhlanhla.

Think about it, it makes logical sense for me to call TS Records Young Money S.A. right?

Here's the latest offering from TS Records..

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