Nov 1, 2010

Welcome- November

Time flies when you're having fun right?..

Firstly before we go deep on what to expect this month, lets big up all the international love that we've been recieving- keep visiting the Nerds and we promise to keep you updated onthe latest and freshest info! And off course not forget the domestic love- charity begins at home right?.. righhht!

Hope you've been enjoying the games that we've put. Oh yes be on the look out- the Nerds, and Gallery page are getting updated this month (FINALLY). As much as you guys visit the blog don't forget to FOLLOW it by just clicking FOLLOW on the side bar (that simple).

Novemeber is the longest month ever but we promise to keep you updated and entertained throughout. So sit back and type out The Creative Nerds Lab. Blogspot .Com on your computer or phone and be taken!!

With that said- Welcome to November!

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