Nov 23, 2010


Its that time of the year once again were the sun is out, the shorts, the shades and the colours are looking bright. Its that time when you wanna look and feel your best but your budget aint allowing you to or am I the only one feeling this way?

Look I'm sure most of us cant afford a car at this present moment with everything happening around us, but we really wanna get to all the happening spots this festive. The answer to all those problems is a scooter!. A scooter is a affordable and stylish way to travel without breaking your budget or compromising your style. With varying colours and and designs, a scooter is a total show-off.

you can even be a lil selfish about because it only carries two people so its you and a partner plus no groceries fit on it so don't worry about people making you a delivery person. Ranging from just R 5,000 this is a give away!. So somebody with R5,000 to spare get me scooter as an early Christmas gift, my feet could do with the rest in exercise.

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