Nov 18, 2010

Top TV vs DSTV: who is KING?


South Africa was graced with the emergence of a new pay TV channel Top TV, which was set to compete with the already established pay TV channel DSTV.
So creativenerds compares the two and you choose:

Dstv has been in the industry for a while, having been established in 1995, it has grown in strides over the years and boasts just over 2 Million subscibers. To keep up the standard and mantaining the number one spot, it has offered suitable packages which suit most salaries. It has 6 packages which include DSTV: Premium, Compact, select 1&2, Lite and Easyview. Premium is the most expensive and comprises of all channels that DSTV offers, while Easyview and Lite are the least or cheapest with a selection of channels of choice. What sets DSTV apart from Top TV is its range of decoders. DSTV has four set of decoders which include a standard decoder, PVR, HD PVR and HD PVR dual view. Whats exciting about the PVR and is that one can record up to 60 hours of content and you can pause LIVE TV (its true). The HD PVR just offers good picture quality in high definition and the HD PVR dual offers the same function as the standard PVR. The price range differs, with the standard PVR the cheapest.

As aforementioned, TOP TV is the new kid on the block and has a long way to go before catching up with DSTV. Top TV currently stands at just over 100 000 subscribers which is not bad for a new comer. It has five packages which include variety, kids&Music, Ent & Knwldge, movies and Top star. The pricing is very cheap for now, with the most expensive package peaking at R249. Top TV currently has a single set of decoder, but can be linked to various rooms in the house on a single view. It also boasts channels such as BET, Fox, Ftv, Aljazeer and Top TV channels. That is about as that can be said about Top TV.

So who is KING of the digital pay televesion

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