Nov 9, 2010

Smith Empire- The Karate Kid

I took my time to watch the remake of The Karate Kid staring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son)...

I must say I am very dissapointed to say the least. Or is it because I was expecting a totally different movie?.. Well firstly if you've seen the original than there's no need to go and see this one, because just like me you'll feel quite bored. The story line is the same old boring storyline of boy likes girl, but boy gets bullied by other boy for girl, boy learns karate and ends up winning. Have we not seen that storyline a thousand times before?

The only reason to watch it, would be to check out individual performance by the characters- Jackie Chan plays an exceptional Mr Miyagi and Jaden Smith proves that he just didn't get the role because of his dad.

Just and aside on the Smith family. I think this family is starting some sort of an empire. Jada Smith an Actress; Will Smith a rapper/actor and now the Kids- Willow Smith signed to Jay Z's RocNation and Jaden Smith hitting the big screens once again with the remake of
The Karate Kid. (Yes you guessed it right- Willow is named after Will Smith and Jaden
after Jada Smith)

Oh another aside: Do you think Jaden Smith looks like Riley from the Boondocks?..

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dre, the 9thsYmphOny said...

ur very right about the karate kid. it was really shit..far too ong and no script which is sad cause jaden wasnt all that bad